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Erasmus+ Exchange Program Staff Mobility Call

Anadolu University and Orkhon University renewed Erasmus+ Partner relationship recently. In 2023-2024 academic year, Anadolu University is inviting 1 staff from Orkhon University.

Erasmus+ grants for Participants:

1, Travel Expenses: 820 €.

2, Erasmus+ Grant: 7 days of Erasmus+ Grants, 140 € per day, 980€ in total.


80% of total grant 1800€ (1440€) will be paid to the account stated in grant agreement before mobility via remittance, 20% (360€) will be paid to the same account after mobility via remittance.

For more information about Anadolu University, please visit:

For more info:

Tel: 89080094



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